All About Borkum Riff Tobacco

All About Borkum Riff Tobacco

Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About Borkum Riff and their Premium Tobacco Blends

Borkum Riff offers a wide range of pipe tobacco made with only the finest select aromatic tobacco blends and ingredients. 

Indeed, this pipe tobacco consists of bright Virginia and rich Burley tobacco strains to create a smooth and flavorful smoking experience. 

With Borkum Riff, you’ll be able to enjoy a soft, cool smoke, which comes from the Burley / Virginia leaf mix. 

Their delectable blends also offer smokers exactly the right amount of kick for a more satisfying feeling! Not to mention, this good stuff provides an aftertaste that you’ll long enjoy after the flame goes out. 

On top of the exquisite tastes and aromas their tobacco yields, many of their blends are infused with masterfully contrived flavor combinations such as Whiskey, Bourbon, Champagne, or Vanilla. 

If this has your mouth watering, stay tuned. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Borkum Riff and its fine tobacco products. 

We’ll discuss the company’s fascinating history, its wide range of tobacco options, and its unique and noteworthy flavor options. That way, you can decide for yourself if this is the right pipe tobacco for you or not. 

A Look at Borkum Riff’s History and Legacy

Manufactured in Denmark, this tobacco brand was originally launched in Sweden in the 1960s. The brand has been using signature Virginia and Burley tobaccos to create their blends since its earliest days.

Developed by Bertil Sandegård, sales were slow at first, until they released their famous Whiskey tobacco blend. 

This unique flavor was so loved around the world that it brought sales up to record numbers. Seeing how successful flavored tobacco could be, the Borkum brand continued to work on new flavor infusions, as we’ll reveal in this article. 

Today, this tobacco brand is sold in Canada, the United States, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Japan, and New Zealand. 

Their biggest market, however, is the United States. The brand is now owned by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, also known as STG-Lane Limited. 

Where the Brand’s Name Comes From

Borkum Riff’s name comes from the famous Borkum lighthouse located in Heligoland Bight on the Dutch coast off of the North Sea. 

This was a landmark for seafaring sailors who would hear reports from the lighthouse radio as they sailed around the area. 

Their company logo also incorporates a famous 17th-century sailing ship. This ship comes from an original engraving created by artist Johnathon Baptist Homann. 

Manufactured in Denmark, Borkum Offers a Wide Range of Delicious Flavors and Blends

Borkum Riff’s pipe tobacco is currently manufactured in Assens, Denmark. They use various strains of premium Virginia and Burley tobacco to ensure that their final blends are smooth, slightly sweet, cool, moist, and extraordinarily flavorful. Borkum Riff’s tobacco comes in an extensive range of unique and unforgettable flavors. 

Their Tobacco Blends Include: 

  • Whisky – This is one of their most popular flavors and was the first flavored blend made available by the brand. 
  • Special Mixture No. 8 – This fine and unique blend are slightly sweet, smooth, and bursting with tobacco flavor. 
  • GOLD Cherry & Vanilla – Their Gold blend uses special Virginia tobacco for a golden color and exquisitely light and bright flavor. This blend has delicious hints of sweet cherries and aromatic vanilla. 
  • GOLD Malt Whiskey – A very unique flavor, you get stronger hints of whiskey mixed with sweet and bold tobacco notes. 
  • Admiral’s Flake Vanilla – Another fine vanilla variant, Admiral’s Flake offers an easy to smoke tobacco option with deliciously soft flavor. 
  • Admiral’s Flake Cherry – Admiral’s Flake Cherry has notes of sweet sun-ripened black cherries. 
  • Genuine Pure Tobacco – This is a straight-up and pure tobacco blend that’s free of additional flavors so that you can savor the premium tobacco flavors. 
  • Bourbon Whisky – This is a sweeter and smoother blend that has the same delicious whiskey flavor notes with the addition of smooth bourbon. 
  • Cherry Liqueur – This is a stronger cherry flavor that offers you a sweet, mellow, and tangy smoking experience. 
  • Champagne – Their signature champagne tobacco is bright, crisp, refreshing, slightly sweet, and reminiscent of white grapes. 
  • Sweet Melon – Their sweet melon flavor is perfectly sweet with amazing undertones and a uniquely refreshing aftertaste. 
  • Scandinavian Mixture – This variant lets you taste fine Scandinavian tobacco in a masterful blend.
  • Orange & Honey – Tangy citrus notes blend masterfully with smooth and rich honey for a perfectly balanced mouthful of smooth smoke. 
  • Cherry Cavendish – This is a Cavendish blend with sweet black cherry-infused flavor. 
  • Black Cavendish – If you like straight black Cavendish flavors, this may be the blend for you. 
  • Vanilla Cavendish – Another fine Cavendish blend, this tobacco has real vanilla notes infused for a smooth and rich experience with an amazing aroma. 

Try a Wide Range of Delicious Borkum Riff Tobacco Blends for Yourself

The best way to find out if Borkum Riff Tobacco is right for you is to give it a try! You can buy their extensive lineup of masterfully crafted flavors online easily. 

In fact, shopping for your pipe tobacco online is the simplest way to gain access to the largest range of products and flavors on the internet.

Better yet, you can find a larger variety online than you can offline! You can also save money by shopping online since you get to avoid the marked-up prices that you’ll often see in smoke shops! 

Finally, when you buy Borkum Riff’s tobacco online, you can have everything shipped directly to your front door. This saves you time, money, and lets you avoid all kinds of frustration. 

So, for the largest selection of blends and flavors at the best prices, shopping online is without question the best way to try this pipe tobacco for yourself.


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