Many moons ago when mobile phones were just a concept and long wired telephones were the sole mode of communicating with our distant friends and relatives. Life was so different back then, we never envisaged that one can peep into a plastic device and can indulge in live interaction with others in any part of the world.

Flash forward to the present age, modern phones are dominating the lives of mankind. From company executives residing in plush residential apartments in a metropolis to rural farmers living in the remotest part of the world. Mobile phones or rather I must say smartphones have become a rage for people from all walks of life.

Now, I’m not initiating any Android vs iOS debate here and firmly believe that both these leading operating systems have a significant impact in the mobile phone industry. Both these operating system are the powerhouses of smartphones and one can download their favorite apps from Google play store or other applications like 9apps android stores. Play store being the other popular app compatible with iOS. So without much ado, let’s talk about the impact of android phones on the world at large.


If you are the one who tends to stay glued for hours on your mobile phones playing your favorite games like PUBG, then I’m sure you will understand its impact on your life. Be it any games from different genres, smartphone users can get their favorite games from Google play store or 9apps android stores. From those snakes games that were a rage back in the past, modern day mobile games are almost equivalent to popular video games that you will find in PlayStation or Xbox.

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Gone are the days when people had to wait in long queues at their nearby banks for menial tasks like withdrawing cash or transferring money to their distant family members. With the influx of smartphones, banks started releasing their own apps through which their customers can accomplish almost any banking task at the click of a button. This has provided a huge respite to the people across the globe.


In the distant past, there were very limited entertainment options through technological sources. Televisions, Radio were few modes of entertainment for the masses and people spent more time playing outdoor games like cricket, football, watching movies in the nearby theatre. Though these are still quite relevant these days but have plummeted to a great extent.

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Cricket and football these days can be played with your thumbs without even bothering your fingers. Popular on-demand websites and applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime gives access to popular movies in high definition quality to its subscribers. All these are accessible whilst you are still lying on your fluffy couch in your living room that too without budging an inch.

There are also many other apps available at your disposal which you can surf on your play store or 9apps android applications. Just think about any random activities like playing the guitar or how to build bulging biceps, be it any topic you will end up finding a slew of applications catering to your needs.



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