What Makes a De Nobili Toscano Cigar by Avanti So Great Tasting 

What Makes a De Nobili Toscano Cigar by Avanti So Great Tasting 

Everything There’s to Know About De Nobili Toscano Cigars 

Hands down; when it comes to smoking a De Nobili Toscano Cigar by Avanti, all smokers agree, there’s nothing that compares! But then again, if you appreciate the characteristics of a classic Italian cigar, then, without a doubt, these bad boys should be your top-pick! 

As for those who never had the experience, well, we’re going to tell you all about them in this info-packed article. Plus, we’re going to share with you where you can buy them online, for cheap! So without further ado, let’s fire up a Toscano and get to the details, shall we? 

Toscano Original Flavor and Character 

First and foremost, it’s all about the leaf used in a De Nobili Toscano. After firing one up, it’s instantly noticeable that these cigars are made with premium, Kentucky fire-cured tobacco! This is a full-body experience, so definitely expect a bold smoke on your first pull. 

In addition to that, these long cigars undergo a unique fermentation process; so they’re original tasting, impacting, and long-lasting! Indeed, Toscano’s are known for its slow-burn, which is another feature highlight that all smokers agree on. So if you enjoy all-natural tasting cigars, then you’ll certainly appreciate the flavor of a Toscano. 

Not only are they bold and savory, but they’re also extremely aromatic and sophisticated as well. Enjoyed by men and women alike, smoking Toscano Cigars displays class and character without compromise.   

The Rich History of Avanti Cigar Company 

It all began at the turn of the 20th century, when three brothers, Dominic, Anthony, and Frank Suraci left their home in Calabria, Italy to begin a new life in NYC. Upon arrival, the brothers immediately saw an opportunity in the booming cigar industry. By 1912, the Avanti Cigar Compay was born. However, the brand didn’t really make a name for itself until the Roaring 20s came along. After that, there was no turning back, obviously. 

But before the 20s came roaring around, the brothers acquired their competition and bought out Parodi Cigars. After that, and all throughout the 20s, the brand would go by the name Parodi Cigar Company of New York. 

Unfortunately, the stock market crash of 1929 changed a lot of things for the once-thriving company. In fact, times got so rough that the brothers had to shut down production and move to Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is where Toscano Cigars are still made today! 

The Big New York Come Back  

So you’re probably wondering where the name “De Nobili’ comes from, right? Well, after World War II was over, the company caught a huge break, which would see the brothers win back New York once it again! 

That’s right; in 1952, Parodi acquired De Nobili Cigars of Long Island City, Queens, New York. At the time of the acquisition, De Nobili controlled 90% of the NY cigar market. So as you can imagine, the purchase was a game-changer that put the Suraci family back on the map! However, it didn’t end there, as you’ll soon discover how the name Avanti came into play and remained. 

According to history, in 1970, Parodi released its signature Avanti Cigar, which was flavored and featured an Anisette Tip Filter! The introduction of the Avanti was so popular and successful that the company decided to change its name once again to Avanti Cigar Company! More than half a century later, no name changes have accrued. 

Plus, the company still produces Avanti, Parodi, and De Nobili Toscano Cigars today, which are available online at select stores. So drop down below to discover where you can get a steady supply of these all-American cigars shipped straight to your front door any time, any place, any weather. 

Buy Avanti Cigars Online and Save Big

As you should know, Avanti Cigars aren’t the cheapest cigars in town. However, one should also know, you get what you pay for! So if quality and flavor is something you appreciate, then, rest assured, you get your money worth when you order online, that’s for sure! 

Regarding our experience with buying cigars online, we must say, DiscountLittleCigars.com has it going on! Not only do they have a FULL SUPPLY of Cigars, but they also carry Pipe Tobacco, Rolling Papers, Nicotine Pouches, and so much more! Not to mention, they have fast, nationwide delivery, from their door to yours! Also, customer service is on point too!

So if you’re looking to score some original Toscano Cigars, look no further, our suggestion above is reliable and consistent, we’re sure you’ll have no complaints! 


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